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Title : An anti-aliasing filter at S-band microwave frequency using ADS
Authors : V.SRIDHAR
Keywords : image frequency, insertion loss, reflection ratio, microstrip filter.
Issue Date : November 2012
Abstract : The aliasing signal interferes with the actual signal and resembles more-like the original intermediate signal. This is called image frequency. To eliminate this image frequency a filter is to be designed in the RF(Radio Front) stage. At S-band microwave frequency (2 GHz to 4 GHz), the lumped components cannot be used due to distributed effects. Also, for the compactness of the filter, the distributed components are being used in microwave frequencies. Hence the coupled stage of microstrip filter with good frequency response is adopted in this paper.
The filter design is carried out by using a simulation software namely, ADS(Advanced Design System). Only the coupled stages of a microstrip filter cannot reduce the aliasing effect, hence extra strict requests are made on the insert loss and standing wave ratio of the received signal in a satellite receiver. This filter is designed at the center frequency of 2.491 GHz. Only on optimization, the filter achieves minimum aliasing interference at the desired center frequency. This is done by the GOALs and OPTIM controller embedded with ADS.
Page(s) : 153-158
ISSN : 2319-7323
Source : Vol. 1, No.2