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Title : An Intelligent Software Agent Machine Condition Monitoring System Using GPRS and Data Mining
Authors : R.Anandan
Keywords : Java Agent Development Framework (JADE), GPRS Connectivity, Machine Condition Monitoring.
Issue Date : March 2012
Abstract : There is a tremendous development in machine condition monitoring, since the cost of machine is very high, it is a tedious process to maintain the mechanical machine in good working condition and the delay in production would provide a drastic situation for the manufacturer. In this study a new condition monitoring tool is designed in such a way that it takes full control over the machine using Artificial Intelligence and GPRS.
In present context the study is focused to the bearings in a mechanical machine, since the major faults are mainly due to the bearings in the machine.
An Intelligent fault monitoring software is build using JADE framework and the fault diagnosis report is maintained by GPRS connectivity.
Once these treacherous faults arise the machine will be stopped and the message will be sent to the end user.
Page(s) : 7-12
ISSN : 2319-7323
Source : Vol. 2, No.2