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Title : Role of Tuning Parameters in Performance Optimization of PLM systems in Auto Industry
Authors : M.S. Gopinatha, Dr. Vishnukanth S. Chatpalli, Dr. K.S. Sridhar
Keywords : PLM, Performance Optimization, Parameters Tuning, Auto Industry, DB Tuning.
Issue Date : July 2013
Abstract : PLM technology has become the backbone of product design and development for many of the auto companies across the globe. System Performance is the “Transaction time as perceived by the end-user - conforming to requirements”. Optimized performance of all the IT components of the PLM system will ensure successful product design and development in auto industry. Optimization will generally focus on improving just one or two aspects of performance: execution time, memory usage, disk space, bandwidth, power consumption or some other resource. This will usually require a trade-off - where one factor is optimized at the expense of others.
A typical PLM system in automobile industry consists of the PLM Application server which hosts the PDM system, CAD system, Digital Simulation system, BOM system etc. Database server stores all metadata of PLM system while the bulk data is stored in the file volume server. Web server helps in connecting the PLM Application server with client machines, ERP systems, CRM/SCM systems, legacy systems etc. [Ref. 3 and 4].
Proper tuning and optimal configuration of all the components of the PLM system is very important for better performance across the enterprise. An effort is made in this research paper for analysis of the tuning parameters of the PLM system, which greatly influences the optimization of performance [Ref. 5]. Experimental research was conducted to find out information about the influence of specific parameter settings for a specific sample usage profile using the test labs of Siemens PLM Software and different customer installations across Asia.
This research paper will identify the different Tuning Parameters which affect the overall system performance, for all the layers of PLM deployment such as DB server, PLM Business logic server, Web server and Clients. Optimal values for all these tuning parameters will be highlighted in this paper using experimental analysis methods.
Page(s) : 117-125
ISSN : 2319-7323
Source : Vol. 2, No.4