ISSN : 2319-7323


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Title : A DH-DSS Based Approach to Improve Mobile WiMAX Security against DoS Attack
Authors : Zeinab Kalantari, Maryam Shojaei
Keywords : Initial network entry, Hand over, DoS attack, DH-DSS, WiMAX Security
Issue Date : September 2013
Abstract : The convenience of IEEE 802.16-based wireless access networks has led to widespread deployment of this technology. Although IEEE 802.16 has added a security layer, there are some security flaws which lead to some serious threats. Unsecure initial network entry, handover process and sleep mode in IEEE 802.16e based networks can result to DoS attack, which is a great security threat to wireless networks. In this paper we propose a DH-DSS (Diffie Hellman-Digital Signature Scheme) method to provide more security in the initial network entry process. The proposed solution is more efficient in terms of bandwidth and computational costs. We first give an overview of security of mobile WiMAX networks. Then we investigate DoS vulnerabilities toward IEEE 802.16 based network and propose a method for a secure initial network entry.
Page(s) : 271-275
ISSN : 2319-7323
Source : Vol. 2, No.5