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Title : Audio Watermarking using Arnold transformation with DWT-DCT
Authors : Navjot Kaur, Usvir Kaur
Keywords : Audio Watermarking, Arnold Transformation, DWT, DCT
Issue Date : November 2013
Abstract : In this research paper a new audio watermarking scheme is proposed using Arnold transformation with DCT-DWT. In audio watermarking embedding firstly, the audio convert signal was divided evenly, the audio segments were selected from the divided audio, then by doing the DWT and DCT embedded the watermark to the low frequency coefficients of those audio segments which were selected. Watermark is a binary image which was transformed using Arnold transformations. A random private key is used during watermark embedding for more security. Finally, all of the audio segments were regrouped. Experimental results demonstrate that the watermark is inaudible and this algorithm is robust to common operations of digital audio signal processing, such as white gaussian noise addition, compression and low pass filtering. To evaluate the performance of the proposed audio watermarking method, subjective and objective quality tests including Mean square Error (MSE), Bit Error Rate (BER), Signal to Noise ratio (SNR) and NCC are calculated.
Page(s) : 286-294
ISSN : 2319-7323
Source : Vol. 2, No.6