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Title : A Study on the Prediction of Studentís Performance by applying straight-line regression analysis using the method of least squares
Authors : G.Narasinga Rao, Srinivasan Nagaraj
Keywords : Data Mining, Data Sets, Classification, Linear Regression
Issue Date : January 2014
Abstract : Now a days, the challenge for many educational institutions is to make their students do better in their exams and secure good percentage of marks so that many of them get placed in reputed multinational companies. If the educational institutions are able to predict the percentage of marks that the students are going to secure in their final exams, it will help them to focus only on those students who secure less percentage of marks. Thereby, they can make the weaker students improve in their respective subjects to secure good percentage in their final exams.
Page(s) : 43-45
ISSN : 2319-7323
Source : Vol. 3, No.1