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Title : An enhanced python based approach of secret sharing scheme with encryption
Authors : Siyaram Gupta, Sumita Lamba
Keywords : Encryption; Secret Sharing; Polynomials; Python; Hashing.
Issue Date : May 2014
Abstract : There are lots of protocols and algorithms which define the security of users’ assets. Secret sharing scheme is one among them. To achieve the motivation of individual privacy along with integrity of the information a sharing scheme with the power of cryptographic techniques is proposed. According to the well-known (k, n) threshold scheme k shareholders from pool of n must gather to access or use the secret [2]. The Quadratic polynomial constructs the shares for participants [3] and the shares are encrypted using some sort of encryption algorithms to strengthen the proposed concept. Secret sharing is not a new concept but this paper implement the scheme in python language and encryption of the shares with hashed key that is used to encrypt the share makes the scheme more relevant to its users.Python cryptography tool, “pycrypto” is used to implement the concept of secret sharing.
Page(s) : 173-180
ISSN : 2319-7323
Source : Vol. 3, No.3