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Title : A Hybrid Method to Reduce Congestion and Provide Data Security in Cloud Computing
Authors : Md Asif Mushtaque, Harsh Dhiman, Shahnawaz Hussain, Pinki
Keywords : Cloud Computing, AHSP Algorithm, congestion control, Cloud Storage, Cloud Security, Data Privacy, Data Security, Integrity, Confidentiality, Reliability.
Issue Date : May 2014
Abstract : Cloud Computing is used everywhere because it provides on demand access of resources and reduces cost, it offers dynamic allocation of resources for guaranteed and reliable services. Users store their data on a single virtual server, when user wants to access any data that data might be changed or modified by unauthorized people for malicious purpose because userís do not have direct control of data So security is a big challenge for cloud computing, to enhance the reliability of services it is necessary to increase the security level in the cloud where the user should free from integrity, authentication, correctness or confidentiality. In this paper, I proposed a new method for congestion control and data security in cloud computing. Many authors have given their ideas on data security in cloud but no one gives the full control to the user. This approach control congestion by reducing the size of data. In the existing method cloud service provider uses compression technique to reduce the size of data after that encrypt data that increases the size of ciphertext in comparison to compressed data. A new encryption technique is used to encrypt the compressed data that does not increase the size of ciphertext. There are two main advantages of this method (i) it does not increase the size of ciphertext comparison to existing method and (ii) reduce the congestion between server and user by fast transmission. If we reduce the size of data then data would be transferred between user and server in less amount of time so in this case this method controls the congestion between user and server.
Page(s) : 194-199
ISSN : 2319-7323
Source : Vol. 3, No.3