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Title : Resolution Based on MRAA for Generalized Distributed Deadlocks
Authors : V.Geetha, S.Batmavady
Keywords : Distributed systems, Resolution, Generalized model, resource deadlocks
Issue Date : September 2014
Abstract : A deadlock occurs when there is a cycle of processes waiting for the resources held by others. This deadlock can be resolved only when the cycle is broken i.e. when one of the processes is victimized. None of the previous resolution algorithms choose a victim based on the work done by it before it is aborted. When it aborts, it cancels its pending requests and releases all the resources it had. The aborted process has to restart all the requests to complete its work. The performance of the system deteriorates as a process that has most of its resources allocated is often chosen as a victim. Hence in the proposed algorithm, a victim is chosen based on the Minimum Resource Allocated Already (MRAA) principle. This minimizes the wasted work done and hence the performance of the distributed systems is improved.
Page(s) : 253-257
ISSN : 2319-7323
Source : Vol. 3, No.5