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Title : An Effective Fuzzy Association Rule Mining Algorithm for Collaborative Web Recommendation System
Authors : Dr A. Kumar, Karaikal
Keywords : Web Mining; Association Rules; Web Recommender System; CWRS-FAARMA; CWRS-FARMA.
Issue Date : November 2014
Abstract : As the increasing curiosity of web recommendation systems those are applied to convey modified data for their users. In general the recommendations system are separated into two main types are collaborative recommendation system and content based recommendation system. In case of collaborative recommendation systems, these try to seek out others who share same tastes that of are given user as well as recommend the websites according to the liking are given user. Main drawback of the same is that the web pages are given equal significance. Here the importance of pages will change according to the frequency of calling the web page as well as the measure of time user spends on that page. To overcome this drawback, the research works have used the web usage log within the adaptive association rule based web mining wherever the association rules were applied to personalization. Though, this approach also suffers from some unavoidable problems. This work introduces an approach, “effective Fuzzy Association Rule Mining Algorithm (CWRS-FARMA)”, a new hybrid algorithm for web recommendation system was proposed based on Association Rule Mining. This is improved algorithm which has semantic knowledge to the results for more effectiveness and thus gives better performances and quality are as compared to preceding methods.
Page(s) : 302-306
ISSN : 2319-7323
Source : Vol. 3, No.6