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Title : Sencars The robust recharger of WSN: NDN Approachs
Authors : V.A.Selva Jeevitha, M.Thangasivakamiselvi
Keywords : Wireless Sensor Networks, Named Data Networking, Energy depletion, Mobile vehicle Sencars.
Issue Date : November 2014
Abstract : Sencars are the mobile nodes which could be a robot or a moving vehicle or any movable object that could act as a robust energy recharger, of those nodes in a wireless sensor networks which are really in need of energy. Sencars would move to the sensor node of the network whose battery backup is below the threshold value. The threshold value is set prior, to all the sensor nodes, based upon their data transmissions or according to the purpose of the network. Sencars move along in its defined path, from the Base station and travel from clusters to clusters in a WSN (Wireless Sensor network).This paper suggests NDN (Named Data Networking) based approach, a novel concept which is under research and development, that could bring a solution for the efficient recharging mechanism, through Sencars. This paper attended a WSN with static sensor nodes and few mobile nodes called Sencars. The problems that we could come across would be, the Sencar must meet the energy depleted sensor nodes before it fully gets exhausted. So, while travelling along the WSN, Sencars must formulate the recharge optimisation problem into Multiple Traveling Salesman Problem with Deadlines (m-TSP with Deadlines), which is NP-hard. The focus must be on the increased scalability of the network, meeting the energy starvation of a sensor node, as it requires on time. Our simulation results, focuses on the recharging of energy depleted sensor nodes as the Sencars move along its path by NDN approach.
Page(s) : 282-292
ISSN : 2319-7323
Source : Vol. 3, No.6