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Title : MDA Tool Support for Model Driven Software Evolution: A Survey
Authors : Madhavi Karanam
Keywords : Model Driven Software Evolution, Model Driven Architecture, MDA Tools.
Issue Date : January 2015
Abstract : The explosive growth of model driven approaches and the emergence of Model Driven Engineering (MDE) have led to the Model-Driven Software Evolution (MoDSE) which is a new paradigm for software evolution. Growing interest in the model driven approaches has largely increased the number of tools into the development environment. Using the modeldescribed by analysts, software tools will do the rest of the task,generating software that will comply with customer's defined requirements.Previous research has shown that the user often do not use or know all of the tools available in the model evolution environment that they regularly use. The common solution to this problem is to provide a means to search through passive help documents. So, choosing the right tool has become very much essential because of the diverse tools usage for MoDSE tasks.The main aim of this paper is to explore the MDA tools to know the automation support provided by these tools in model driven evolution process. It is also aim to know the general list of tools, ease of use, which meets the requirements, support for platform independent models, free and commercial tools etc. It is observed from the survey of various tools that no single tool serves the purpose and there is an enough automation support for activities of Model Driven Software Evolution.
Page(s) : 11-17
ISSN : 2319-7323
Source : Vol. 4, No.1