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Title : Image Segmentation For Multiple Face Detection Using CMY Color Model
Authors : Dr.M.P. Indra Gandhi, S. Saleth Shanthi
Keywords : Biometrics; Image segmentation; Face detection technique;RGB and CMY color models.
Issue Date : January 2015
Abstract : As constant research is being taken in the area of Biometrics; the construction of a face detection system is the one of the major practical application in strong development. Different aspects of human physiology are used to authenticate a personís identity. Face detection is an important topic in many applications. The personís face is an active entity and has a high quality of irregularity in its appearance, a difficult problem in computer vision is to makes face detection. In face recognition system, face detection is the initial step, with the performance of extracting and localizing the face portions from the background. The biometrics may perform a function called automated face recognition which is widely used because of the uniqueness of one human face to other human face. Color models is a system for measuring colors that can perceived by human, and a process of combining different values as a set of primary colors. In this work, the problem of face detection is addressed to overcome from this problem a new face detection method of CMY color model is introduced. This technique is used to avoid the non-faces and to detect the faces more accurately.
Page(s) : 18-22
ISSN : 2319-7323
Source : Vol. 4, No.1