ISSN : 2319-7323


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Title : Homogeneous Clustering Based Ensemble Classifier
Authors : Vaibhav Jain, P. Sai Sathvik, K.Sindhu, M.Sreelatha
Keywords : Homogeneous Clustering, Ensemble Classifier, Base classifier
Issue Date : July 2015
Abstract : The data set in the real world has overlapping class patterns. Classifying datasets with overlapping patterns is difficult. To classify the dataset with overlapping patterns the dataset is partitioned based on the class label and clustering is applied on each partition. The clustered data is given as an input to the base classifiers and the output of the base classifier is the cluster confidence vector. The result of base classifiers is given as an input to the fusion classifier. Fusion classifier maps the cluster confidence vector to class confidence vector. The proposed approach is verified on standard datasets from UCI machine learning repository and accuracies are measured, and compared.
Page(s) : 122-127
ISSN : 2319-7323
Source : Vol. 4, No.4