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Authors : Geetha. S, Shobha Rani. B.R
Keywords : High end analytics, Custom theme, Cloud Content management system, Payment gateway integration, Search engine optimization, Secured Software Layer.
Issue Date : July 2015
Abstract : Application includes everything business needs to set up virtual store. With fully control on navigating the customers, page contents and overall design, Application is a full of Content Management System along with an online virtual store. It’s fastest and easy to choose a required theme, add and display your products, and start taking orders. Virtual stores can be retailer specific branded to generic ‘look and feel’ stores, including mass, club, grocery, apparel, convenience, drug, electronics or concept store formats. Our software delivers the flexibility to design, test and merchandise at store, aisle and shelf level. Virtual stores are ideally suited for the store planning, research, marketing and merchandising teams. This application also provide few features where High end analytics, Custom theme where users can demand for their likely themes, according to the users requirement we will develop themes for a specified products. This application also provides Cloud CMS (Content Management System) where it is helpful to custom and develop high performance websites for our clients this makes their job easier and efficient. We are using Payment Gateway Integration where it helps customers to do the online fund transferring much more easily and in a secured manner. Secured software layer will help us to keep in track of our products, privacy, protection and simpler accessing to our customers, clients and vendors. We are using a technique called Search Engine Optimization because of this technique it is very simpler to keep track of our orders, searched items. It also helps the user, customers to know about their previous searches, what was the feedbacks and reviews on that particular product and back to their wish list and so on. Finally it supports CSV format and Client or user can add unlimited product variants to the Virtual Store.
Page(s) : 148-154
ISSN : 2319-7323
Source : Vol. 4, No.4