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Title : Survey of Authentication Schemes used for Telecare Medicine Information Systems
Authors : Kukki Arya, Abhinav Vidwansh
Keywords : Authentication, Hash function, Password, Smart card, TMIS
Issue Date : July 2015
Abstract : The Telecare Medicine Information System (TMIS) has established a connection between patients at home and doctors at a clinical center by using telecommunication systems and physiological monitoring devices. Authentication, security, patient's privacy protection and data confidentiality are important for patient or doctors accessing to Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Remote user authentication is desirable for TMIS to verify the correctness of communicating parties. The password based authentication schemes provide efficient and scalable solutions for remote user authentication. In this context, numerous schemes have been proposed to achieve these goals. However, these schemes are vulnerable to various attacks. Moreover, they are neither efficient nor user friendly. Specially, some schemes require the exponential computation or public key cryptography which leads to very low efficiency for smart card. This paper analyses major contribution in this field and discusses their pros and cons.
Page(s) : 162-165
ISSN : 2319-7323
Source : Vol. 4, No.4