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Title : Identification Of The Difference Between The Images Using Segmentation Method
Authors : R.Kalai selvi, Dr.N.Sujatha
Keywords : Clustering, Color Masking, Edge Detection, Image segmentation, Satellite Image, SRM Algorithm.
Issue Date : July 2015
Abstract : The satellite images were main source for the identification of the resources.The analysis of the forest resources were more helpful in the identification of the reliable sources.The differences in the region can be identified be segmenting the images and comparing the segmented portions in the images.The segmentation of the images were done based on color based clustering.The color based clustering identifies the regions in the images that are having similar colors.The clustered regions were then compared and then differences were measured.The difference regions were then compared and performance is compared.Statistical region modelling process is employed for the region based clustering in the images. The statistical region modelling make sure that the images were clustered based on the differences in the intensities in the images which is made to further enhance the performance. Finally the change percentage in the images were also measured which shows that the process can be used for calculating the remote sensing data using SAT images. The comparison of the process is employed based on the difference between the clusters in two images. The distance value is compared with the overall size of the images in order to find the change detection percentage in the image.
Page(s) : 192-198
ISSN : 2319-7323
Source : Vol. 4, No.4