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Title : Data Security in Cloud
Authors : Mr. Pankaj Sareen, Dr. Tripat Deep Singh
Keywords : Cloud Computing, Data Life Cycle, DPaaS, Security and Privacy Issues
Issue Date : September 2015
Abstract : It is well-known that Cloud Computing has many potential advantages and many enterprise applications and data are migrating to public or hybrid Cloud. Cloud Computing promises lower costs, rapid scaling, easier maintenance, and service availability anywhere and anytime. But regarding some business-critical applications, the organizations, especially large enterprises, still wouldn’t move them to Cloud. The market size the Cloud Computing share is still far behind the one expected. From the consumers’ perspective, Cloud Computing security concerns, especially data security and privacy protection issues, remain the primary inhibitor for adoption of Cloud Computing services. A recent Microsoft survey found that “58 percent of the public and 86 percent of business leaders are excited about the possibilities of Cloud Computing. But more than 90 percent of them are worried about security, availability, and privacy of their data as it rests in the Cloud.” A key challenge is how to ensure and build confidence that the Cloud can handle user data securely. This paper provides a concise but all-round analysis on Data Security and Privacy Protection issues associated with Cloud Computing across all stages of data life cycle. This paper would also help the readers to know about the various risks and threats to the data in the Cloud. A short discussion on DPaaS is also discussed in this paper. Data Centre Security and NIST Guidelines on Security and Privacy in Public Cloud Computing are also discussed in this paper. Finally, this paper describes future research work about data security and privacy protection issues in Cloud.
Page(s) : 221-227
ISSN : 2319-7323
Source : Vol. 4, No.5