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Title : Congnitive Radio For “Dedicated” Traces Detecting Human Flesh Detection
Authors : Mourad Mohammed Henchiri, Md. Shafakhatullah Khan
Keywords : Intelligence, Cognitive Radio, Radio Detecting Network, Radio Frequency.
Issue Date : September 2015
Abstract : Radio Detection and Ranging; is a former technology used in a verity of disciplines. Nowadays, it proves its effectiveness through the mandatory and necessary adoption of such technology; which owe the name RADAR. This available technology has a verity of structural designs while behaving; the search and tracking of objects is the main purpose while scanning different height levels and distance ranges, here, many clutter technique are adopted which impose the birth of a verity of RADAR list. Intelligence is a target aimed to be ameliorated nowadays through all new intelligent inventions and case studies. For such case study and solution implementation Cognitive Radio is a well intelligent tool to be used. This study treated here, in this paper, is becoming more familiar to us; the human users. Regarding the concept of wireless sensor networks, it’s increasing remarkably, and is promising new fields of application and areas. In our paper, Radio detecting network, based on the activity of the cognitive radio, is pre-assumed to be a reason of raising the wealth of technology, by presenting a monopole radio transceiver based system, responsible for emitting and receiving radio signals that do detects the presence of human being bodies. Here, the realization of the system within the transceiver radio network coverage, we need a high scalable system with a real time scan and process potential. We are implementing a new mechanism aimed to detect Human beings within a précised and closed areas, through the use of radio transceiver as a focal point for the system. The aim is to bring to life a system that assures a secured environment and giving the possibility of free movement to all. It could also be integrated in different fields of activity; presence and attendance system, limitation and identification of Humans and Human existence. Within this paper we projected the way how to achieve this enhancement in technology, based on the use of the existing technology strength via computerized equipment and network. Our work is to design and to build and integrate a cognitive radio sensor into a computer unit, which would be working by making analysis on the surrounding RF, and also do the adjustment of the spectrum of use. This system would act as programmed at the time it detects a Human; which is a target of the CR waves within the defined area range.
Page(s) : 244-249
ISSN : 2319-7323
Source : Vol. 4, No.5