ISSN : 2319-7323


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Title : Double Centers based Efficient Initial Clusters for K-Means
Authors : Aarti Chaudhary, Dharmveer Singh Rajpoot
Keywords : Cluster; initial center; dataset; validity measure; k-means.
Issue Date : September 2015
Abstract : Now a days, K-Means is one of the widely used algorithm for partitioning the data into clusters. The main advantage is easy to use and understand. By seeing the drawback side, the random selection of clustering initial centers will not always the optimal clustering structure. To acquire optimal clustering the initial centers selection is also efficient one. In the proposed method by using twice operations of K-means would give us good start of clustering. From the experiments we can show that intra-cluster i.e. similarity within the clusters is maximized and inter-cluster i.e. dissimilarity between the clusters is minimized which proves our propose algorithm choosing the initial centers effectively.
Page(s) : 237-243
ISSN : 2319-7323
Source : Vol. 4, No.5