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Title : Performance of Data Mining Technique in Education Sector
Authors : Johina, Vikas Kamra
Keywords : weak tool; result for classification and clustering etc.
Issue Date : September 2015
Abstract : The most commonly use of data mining technique is to analysis the data from different source and finally summarizes it into useful information. This paper provides comparative study and performance analysis of commonly used data mining technique such as classification and clustering used for education system. Data mining provides many software to analysis the technique. But we are using the weka tool for this purpose. The weka is Waikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis is introduced by university of New Zealand. The weka is data mining tool and this paper describe how to use weka for these technologies. It classifies and clusters the data through various algorithms. The main objective is to find out best algorithm to produce the accuracy and easy to use for the educational data [1].
Page(s) : 250-260
ISSN : 2319-7323
Source : Vol. 4, No.5